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Road transport

FEE transport services, Ltd. offers domestic trucking and international trucking. If you need a professional partner for transport, you are at the right address. We focus on collecting cargo shipments (PTL - Part Loads Transport) and truck load (FTL - Full Loads Transport).

FEE for transport, Ltd. has following priorities

  • Individual approach to customers
  • Offer transport of several boxes or many tons of cargo
  • Offer of comprehensive services, including warehouse logistics

We transport goods using

  • Bulk cargo trailers
  • Conventional semitrailers
  • Tanker trailers
  • Refrigerated trailers
  • Flatbed (lorry, dray)

We pay maximum care to small and large consignments

We value our customers. We comply with international trade terms applicable to the transport of goods INCOTERMS 2010 and the terms of international transport CMR.

Specialist on ADR shipments and consignments under controlled temperature

We also offer a thermo transportation ADR transport, which is transport of temperature-controlled shipments. Whether you need to ensure the transport of dangerous goods or transport of consignments with observed temperature mode, you can contact us with confidence.

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FEE Transport, s.r.o.

FEE Transport, s.r.o.

Plzeňská 1270/97
150 00 Praha 5 Košíře

734 362 894

Pobočka Jičín

Pobočka Jičín

Křižíkova 1099
506 01 Jičín

734 362 894

Pobočka Olomouc

Pobočka Olomouc

Centrum TOP
Krapkova 3, Olomouc

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Pobočka Moravská Ostrava

Pobočka Moravská Ostrava

Pohraniční 1435/86,
703 00 Moravská Ostrava

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Pobočka Hranice

Pobočka Hranice

Teplická 990
753 01 Hranice I-Město

771 126 901

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