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Air and sea transport

FEE transport, Ltd. also provides air and sea transport. Air transport and sea transport will ensure the shortest possible time, according to the agreed terms. We also specialize in air and sea transport and ADR transport of goods under controlled temperature. 

We provide transport of consignments and private air transportation of persons 

In addition to classic air freight-transport. We also provide air transportation of persons. Without check in and queues at airports. Private passenger air services are designed for individuals and groups. 

Air transport Sea transport

FEE transport, Ltd. - Professional partner for air and sea transport 

The advantage of cooperation with our company is maximum pro-customer orientation. We offer comprehensive services in the air transport and sea transport. It is also possible to use our professionally trained dispatchers who speak two foreign languages. Our dispatchers can control the whole movement - to communicate with the supplier and with the consignee, negotiate transit times. It saves a lot of time.

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FEE Transport, s.r.o.

FEE Transport, s.r.o.

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Pobočka Jičín

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Pobočka Olomouc

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Pobočka Moravská Ostrava

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Pobočka Brno

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