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Express Shipping

FEE transport, Ltd. also offers express transportation services. We can provide express transportation within the Czech Republic and abroad, contact us and we will arrange for the shortest possible time loading and transportation.

FEE transport, Ltd. focuses on customer needs

We will meet your individual requirements. For longer distances we provide two drivers for faster delivery of the shipment to the recipient. We can also provide loading and unloading of goods.

Express ride - transport in the shortest possible time

Your shipment will be transported within the Czech Republic and abroad very quickly, whereby:

  • Delivery time depends only on the distance of places of loading and unloading
  • Can go as a package from the client to the customer and between the two companies (or two branches of the same company)
  • Tell us what, when and where you need to carry, FEE transport, Ltd. will ensure smooth transport.

Express shipments - from customer to customer as quickly as possible

FEE transport, Ltd. is focused on comprehensive services, we are confident that our offer and execution of orders will meet your expectations. We will transport your shipment on time, safely and reliably. If you are interested give us a call.

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FEE Transport, s.r.o.

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Pobočka Moravská Ostrava

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Pobočka Hranice

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